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Orion's Apothecary Fire Cider & Glaze Uses and Recipes

Fire Cider is made by infusing apple cider vinegar with 25 different ingredients to support digestion, congestion, inflammation, and to boost immunity. 

Image by Rodion Kutsaiev

Drink It

1-3 teaspoons every 1-2 days, or as needed. It is recommended to be taken as a "shot," mixed into your tea or water, or into your other favorite drink.

Image by Tania Melnyczuk

Cook It

Other uses include mixing in your favorite salad dressing, marinade, bbq sauce, ketchup, or as part of a spray for a meat smoker. Add in some of our Honey Fermented Garlic for an extra taste sensation!

Image by Tiare Balbi

Glaze It

Our favorite use is to cook it down to a glaze with a 1:3 ratio of fire cider to apple juice.

Orion's Apothecary Fire Cider Recipes
Image by Mykhailo Kopyt

Broccoli Salad

Mix with your favorite marinade, or sprinkle on directly before serving

Image by Tahirah Walker

Deviled Eggs

Add 1-3 teaspoons to the yolks when mixing

Image by Townsend Walton

Quick Pickle


Use 1:1 instead of plain apple cider or white vinegar, substituting as little or as much as you want

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