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Looking to get those full canopies you see everywhere? Then try our full flush bin grow kit. Guaranteed to give you the maximum fresh air exchange (vital for mushroom respiration). We've designed the holes to be a little bit smaller to maintain the perfect humidity for dry climates, like Colorado.   


Please email to let us know which culture you would like with your kit.


**We suggest adding the Humidity/Temperature Meter to take the mystery out of achieving the ideal temperature and inside-the-kit humidity.


Full Flush Bin Grow Kit Includes: 

- Spray Bottle

- Liner

- Filter Patches

- One 5lbs Substrate Bag

- Grain Spawn/Bags or Jars

- Your choice of liquid culture/spore syringe

- Mask- Gloves- Step by Step Instructions

- Free Product Consulting

- Mushroom Swag


All-In-One kit includes:

- Step By Step Instructions

- One 5lbs Substrate Bag

- Grain Spawn Bag

- 8 oz Spray Bottle

- Two 16 Quart Tubs

- Black Plastic Wrapping

- Mask

- Gloves

- Alcohol wipes

- Your choice of liquid culture/spore syringe

- Mushroom Swag

Mushroom Grow Kits - Colorado Cultures

SKU: 1351
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