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Get ready to make your recovery golden. Golden Chai is packed with over 1400mg of adaptogenic wellbeing & delight for all the ways you move through life.

  • Supremely bioavailable turmeric extract sets the stage for this recovery blend
  • Sweet notes of Saigon cinnamon light up a complex blend of chai spices
  • Enjoy any time of day
  • Perfect to enjoy after a particularly difficult work-out (or day, recovery is recovery 😉)
  • Three adaptogens chosen for their potency and recovery benefits


Meet Golden Chai

Get ready to recover in style with our delicious Golden Chai. Golden Chai feels alive, it's so vital and vibrant in the mouth. It's warming without being spicy, with sweet notes of Saigon cinnamon prevailing over a soothing, complex blend of chai spices, rounded out with soft Indian bourbon vanilla and some je nais se quois from exquisite, exotic Boswellia that makes you keep wanting more if only to understand this delicious taste better. The warming heat of Golden Chai warms your throat and heart in a gentle, soothing way.



Golden Chai Ingredients

Roasted chicory*, roasted burdock*, saigon cinnamon*, roasted date seed*, shatavari*, codonopsis*, ginger*, roasted dandelion*, eleuthero*, turmeric extract (bcm-95®), cardamom*, vanilla bean*, cloves*, black pepper*, boswellia extract (aqualox®), <1% maltodextrin, & gum acacia

*All certified organic, non-GMO, obsessively sustainable, ✨🌿 & blessed by grassfed unicorns 🦄**

**Unicorns have not been approved by the FDA

Golden Chai Rasa Adaptogen-Packed Herbal Coffee Alternative

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