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Our Osha is sustainably harvested from the Roaring Fork Valley and rinsed in the Crystal River before being made into a tincture.


Osha root, Ligusticum porteri, is also known as "bear root" because the root has a furry appearance that may mimic a bear's pelt, and it is an early forage food for bears waking from their hibernation. It grows in higher elevation mountain ranges, preferring alpine environments. The roots in this tincture were sustainably foraged from an abundant stand of the plant in the Rocky Mountains. 


Organic, gluten-free alcohol and reverse osmosis filtered water - alkalinized and remineralized - round out the ingredients. Tinctured in a 1:5 root:alcohol (75% while tincturing) diluted to 40% alcohol to be gentle for sublingual use. 


Ingredients: wildcrafted, sustainably gathered osha root (Ligusticum porteri), organic cane alcohol, filtered water



Take when needing to open your lungs- ie hiking a 14er, getting out gunk, visiting higher elevations. Not recommended when air quality is bad.

Osha Root Tincture

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