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This citrusy tonic supports neurotransmitters (serotonin & dopamine), sparking your inner light and inherent vivacity. It tastes like a lemony, sunny dream you won't want to wake from.

  • Sceletium imbues a sense of connection and well being, while rhodiola elevates your mood
  • Citrus lemon notes on an earthy base with hints of cacao sweetness, and spicy grains of paradise
  • Enjoy any time of day
  • Perfect for anyone who needs a lift (or a hug 🤗)
  • Six adaptogens chosen for balance & potency
  • Ethically sourced sceletium directly from the Sān tribe
  • Powerful and tasty aromatics lemon balm & lemon myrtle loosen tension in the body & spirit


Super Happy Sunshine will support your system

  • Support neurotransmitters like serotonin & dopamine
  • Access sustainable energy without a mood crash
  • Slow down, feel your feelings, expand into a wider spectrum of joy

Super Happy Sunshine Rasa Adaptogen-Packed Herbal Coffee Alternative

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